Orion StarShoot G3 Color (CONLLN53082)





An affordable and capable astrophotography camera for anyone interested in taking amazing images of starry skies with a telescope The StarShoot G3 Deep Space Color Imaging Camera features a 1/2″ format CCD sensor and an on-board thermoelectric cooler (TEC) that are normally only available on much more costly cameras With high-tech features such as 16-bit A/D conversion, regulated thermoelectric cooling, on-board fan and more, you’ll find yourself taking wall-worthy astrophotos with this affordable camera The Orion StarShoot G3 can also be used as a dedicated, high-performance, low-noise autoguider with ST-4 output built right in Complete Orion Camera Studio software is included for easy image capture, processing, and sharing of your astro-images. ASCOM drivers are also included for use of the StarShoot G3 with other imaging software programs, or for autoguiding use. Now you can discover the joy of taking gorgeous 16-bit pictures of deep space phenomena without spending an arm and a leg with the value-packed Orion StarShoot G3 Deep Space Color Imaging Camera! Our third generation affordable entry-level Orion StarShoot Deep Space Imaging Camera lets you take beautiful astrophotos without emptying your wallet, providing an ideal entry into astrophotography for any amateur astronomer. The Orion StarShoot G3 Deep Space Color Imaging Camera has been totally redesigned with performance enhancing features and software that until now have been reserved for much more expensive CCD imagers. Built around the popular Sony interline ICX419AKL color CCD chip, which boasts a 752 x 582 pixel array with sensitive, 8.6 micron by 8.3 micron pixels, the StarShoot G3 is capable of detecting fine details in celestial objects. This bigger, 1/2″ format CCD sensor usually isn’t available in cameras priced as low as the StarShoot G3, and it provides a much larger imaging field of view than cameras equipped with 1/3” format chips so you can shoot more sky in far less time. The StarShoot G3 Deep Space Color Imaging Camera features regulated thermoelectric cooling (TEC). Regulated thermoelectric cooling significantly improves astrophoto quality and reduces noise by enabling accurate dark frame acquisition. This regulated “cooling” feature is usually only found in much pricier cameras, and makes the StarShoot G3 a truly amazing value. The on-board TEC can cool the StarShoot G3 to a brisk 10°C below ambient temperature so that noise is minimized in dark frames and exposures. The StarShoot G3 even features a small, vibration-free fan which assists the TEC to remove warm air and further optimize imaging results.

This camera is used, but in great condition. It comes with its cigarette plug 12V adapter and a USB cable.

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