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The STELLARVUE SV102T is an extremely high performance 4” f-7 (714 mm focal length) air spaced Apo triplet refractor. Many experts have pointed out that the Stellarvue 102 has exceptional optics. It comes standard with our new 2.5” Stellarvue dual speed, rack and pinion focuser with 2” and 1.25” adapters. This is our latest lens design featuring a certified, high Strehl objective. Dedicated photographic field flatteners make this not only the best 4” visual scope but an outstanding imaging platform as well.

The STELLARVUE SV102T-25SV is the standard version of this new telescope. The fully baffled, aluminum tube produces a telescope that is very light. The OTA weighs about 11 lbs with rings attached. The focuser unthreads resulting in a tube assembly that is only 19.25” long, well within airline carry-on size limits. Now you can easily take a world class Apo refractor on the plane with you! The certified 101.5 mm clear aperture optic is essentially perfect and comes with our interferometric test report showing it is .95 Strehl or higher. This is as good as it gets which means you will see or image everything the atmosphere will allow! Like all Stellarvue telescopes, this instrument is triple tested before it leaves our facility.

The STELLARVUE SV102T has been designed as our best dual purpose 4” telescope for both visual and photographic use. It delivers stunning visual performance thanks to its high Strehl, fully multi-coated objective. Photographic performance with cameras is excellent with the addition of the photographic field flattener. This is among the sharpest 4” class telescopes ever offered.

Using a 101.5 mm f-7 apochromatic triplet objective, with an Ohara FPL-53 center element, the STELLARVUE SV102T provides extremely high contrast and reflector-like color correction. This triple tested lens is as well corrected as any a 4″ apo triplet we have offered and it comes with an interferometric report to prove it. To further enhance this high level of contrast, extreme broadband multi-coatings are used on all six air-to-glass surfaces. This boosts contrast, making the stars appear vivid and the background velvet black. These coatings transmit light above and below the visual spectrum. This is important to minimize reflections seen on CCD images.

The aluminum tube and dew shield is painted in a lustrous and beautiful stardust white finish. This white finish will stand out against the black anodized aluminum fittings giving this telescope a high-end, classy look. The total weight of the OTA with 2.5” focuser and rings is 11.2 pounds. The dew shield retracts reducing the length of the telescope when being stored. When the telescope is used, this dew shield may be extended to minimize dewing of the objective at night and to serve as a glare shade during the daytime. Since the focuser can be easily un-threaded, the telescope length can be reduced to airline carry on size. This means you can now carry your high end apo on the plane with you.

The main tube interior is painted ultra flat black inside and is properly baffled to eliminate any tube wall reflections. Reflections in the optical path are further reduced using edge blackened objective elements. All of these methods are used to preserve the outstanding contrast of this exceptional apochromatic lens.

Many years in the making, our smooth and stable dual speed, 2.5” focuser provides a full 3.2″ of travel. This focuser is perfect for visual use as well as imaging. The rear of the draw tube is threaded to accept our dedicated SFF7-25 photographic field flattener(for cameras with APS size sensor). The Stellarvue focuser is a heavy-duty rack and pinion unit designed to carry a higher capacity. It has an ultra-smooth (7:1 Ratio) fine focus control to attain perfect focus every time. An internal brake system allows the user to adjust capacity. The focuser is fully rotating with a wide groove for smooth and precise rotation. All of the features add up to one of the finest dual speed focusers available today. The option to have a 3″ focuser is available.

The STELLARVUE SV102T comes with our American made CNC aluminum mounting rings. Each ring has five screws top and bottom. Threaded holes are 1/4-20. There is one center hole, two holes spaced 1.5″ apart and two holes spaced 60 mm apart. Use the optional TP-10 rail for telescope mounts using the Vixen style rail or use the optional TP6 for mounts that use the larger Losmandy style rail.

The telescope comes with the C009S case. This is our heavy duty, thickly padded Nylon hard case with heavy duty zippers. These cases are substantially more durable than the thin walled Chinese hard cases.

The purpose of a telescope is to gather light and magnify the apparent size of the object being viewed. A 4” refractor gathers 213 times the amount of light of the naked eye. This will reveal faint objects in space. Magnification power (the increase in relative size of the object being viewed) is dependent upon the eyepiece being used. Different eyepieces provide different magnification powers. Since this telescope uses a highly accurate, hand figured objective lens and is triple tested in the USA, these telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism seen in many import telescopes. This provides sharper details when viewing at higher powers. Dawes limit, which is the stated maximum power for telescopes under good conditions is about 250 power for a 4” telescope. But don’t be surprised when you exceed this power on a steady night. This is a true apo triplet capable of very high power when conditions permit. Check the Recommended Accessories section to make the best choice for eyepieces.

Stellarvue telescopes and accessories are covered by a two year warranty. But it does not stop there. Since we are a telescope maker, we can repair your telescope for a nominal fee years after it goes out of warranty should you accidentally drop it. Buy a Stellarvue with confidence. Our customer care is legendary.


Aperture: 101.5mm
Focal length: 714mm
Focal ratio: f/7
Dew shield: 4-3/4″
Dimensions: 29″ (dewshield extended) and 23.5″ (dewshield retracted)
Weight: 11.2lb.
Focuser: 2.5″ Stellarvue (3″ Feather Touch optional)
Rings: 2 rings
Case: C009S
Diagonal: Optional
Light gain: 213x (human eye=1)
Codes: SV102T-25SV-DU,SV102T-3FT-DU,SV102T-IS2,SV102T-25SV-VS

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