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The new mid-sized STT Series cameras offer features and specifications found in no other astrocamera – of any size. Drawing on all of our previous experience and the best of each of our previous designs over the years, the STT represents the culmination of everything that the astroimager has asked for in an imaging system, packed into a 4.9 x 4.9 x 2.9 inch camera body (camera only). A new filter wheel design for the STT series sets it apart from other designs. The carousel holds eight 36mm filters and inserts are available for 1.25″ and 31mm filters. Two new unique features make this an imager’s delight: First, the design incorporates a self-guiding CCD in the filter wheel cover so that light from the guide star is captured before passing through the filters. An optional filter wheel cover is available for wide angle imaging with Nikon or Canon 35mm camera lenses, or for anyone who does not need or want the built-in self-guiding feature. The second unique feature of the STT filter wheel is a positive centering mechanism that precisely re-positions and firmly holds filters in the same position over the CCD no matter how many times the carousel is moved. In our tests of the new design, the re-positioning of filters was accurate to better than one pixel (5.4 microns) using an STT-8300 after several complete rotations of the filter carousel. This degree of precision means that flat fields taken after the filter has moved and returned are accurate virtually to the level of a single pixel. This package also includes a Baader LRGB, H-alpha, O-III, S-II and Clear 36mm filter set. STT-8300M Specifications CCD: Kodak KAF-8300 Pixel Array: 3326 x 2504 pixels CCD Size: 17.96 x 13.52 mm Total Pixels: 8.3 Million Full Well Capacity: ~25,500 e- Dark Current: 0.02e-/pixel/sec at -15C Antiblooming: 1000X Shutter: Mechanical, Even-illumination Exposure: 0.12 to 3600 seconds, 10ms Correlated Double Sampling: Yes A/D Converter: 16 bit Gain: 0.37e-/ADU Read Noise: ~9.3e- rms Binning Modes: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 9×9, x n Digitization Rate: 10 Megapixels / Second Full Frame Download: Less than 1 second Cooling: Max delta > -50C Temp. Regulation: ±0.1°C Power: 12VDC at 3. 5 amps max Interface: USB 2.0 and Ethernet Computer Compatibility: Windows 32 / 64 bit Mac OSX 3rd party Linux Camera Body Size: 4.9 x 4.9 x 2.9 in. 124 x 124 x 74mm Mounting: T-Thread, 2″ nosepiece Weight: 2.7 pounds / 1.2kg Backfocus: 0.69 inches / 17.5 mm

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