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Our ORION MINI DELUXE PRO AUTOGUIDER PACKAGE is the latest and greatest Orion autoguiding solution to improve the accuracy and sharpness of your astrophotos. Designed for use with imaging telescopes up to 1500mm in focal length, this complete and compact autoguiding package is easy to install and includes everything you need to ensure your astrophotography setup tracks objects with the precision required to obtain sharp, clear images of optimal quality.

Using both a dedicated autoguider and guide scope is arguably the best way to optimize the tracking accuracy of any astrophotography setup. Such precise tracking is required in order to capture clear, sharp, and detailed astrophotos. In the recent past however, this enhanced imaging precision came with a very hefty price tag. Just a few short years ago, a dedicated autoguider could easily cost more than many astrograph-quality telescopes. To make matters worse, most guide scopes of the recent past were prohibitively long, bulky, and difficult to align with repeatable accuracy. Today, thanks to technological progress and the availability of the highly sensitive yet affordable Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro Monochrome Astrophotography Camera, astrophotographers can enjoy accurate imaging results without emptying their pockets! With a highly sensitive autoguider like the Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro, any astrophotographer can enjoy auto-guided tracking precision by using a small-aperture guide scope with a much shorter focal length than the unwieldy instruments of the past. Along these lines, Orion is proud to announce this accurate and affordable autoguiding innovation – the Mini Deluxe Pro AutoGuider Package! This complete autoguiding solution includes our Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope equipped with a precise helical focuser, our StarShoot AutoGuider Pro Monochrome Astrophotography Camera, a dovetail mounting base, and a small adapter plate. The whole package attaches to your imaging telescope just like a finder scope for easy, hassle-free installation.

The included StarShoot AutoGuider Pro Monochrome Astrophotography Camera is a slim, lightweight, and extremely sensitive monochrome guide camera with high 75% quantum efficiency to help “guide” you to better quality astrophotos, and it features a built-in ST-4 port for easy connection to motorized equatorial mounts. The camera’s slim, lightweight design allows for improved back-focus range and better compatibility with guiding and imaging accessories such as off-axis guiders. This highly sensitive monochrome imaging device is primarily designed for precise autoguiding, but it also performs as a high-quality astrophotography camera. The included Orion AstroCap software is packed with capture features such as focus aids, histogram, exposure and gain settings, auto dark frame removal, and more. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32 bit & 64 bit). Includes ASCOM driver.

The included 50mm aperture, 162mm focal length (f/3.2) Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope features fully multi-coated achromatic optics and a smooth-adjusting machined helical focus mechanism to allow for faster, more precise focusing of potential guide stars. The machined and anodized helical focuser has a fixed-orientation design that will not rotate the installed StarShoot AutoGuider Pro during focus adjustments, so you don’t have to hassle with rotating fields of potential guide stars when focus adjustments are made. You’ll find potential guide stars easily thanks to the Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope’s bright and wide field-of-view. The helical focuser has a 12.5mm travel range, and a tight thread tolerance which ensures zero backlash and eliminates flexure-inducing “play” for solid, stable performance night after night. The easy-grip, machined helical focuser ring features a convenient thumbscrew lock to keep the focuser securely in-place once ideal focus is achieved.

A machined aluminum 1.25″ adapter on the included Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope features three thumbscrews to keep the StarShoot AutoGuider Pro Mono securely in-place during long imaging sessions. The dovetail guide scope bracket fits in any standard Orion dovetail finder scope base and omits the need for a piggyback oriented guide scope system which can be a hassle to install and balance. Three adjustment thumbscrews on the bracket allow easy and precise aiming of the Mini 50mm Guide Scope. An included dovetail mounting base and attachment hardware lets you install the on any telescope optical tube, in case you want to install it on a telescope that already has a finder scope, or on a telescope without a dovetail base. The included aluminum adapter plate lets you mount the Orion Mini Deluxe Pro AutoGuider Package’s dovetail base to most standard dovetail telescope attachment plates for piggybacking on top of your imaging telescope’s tube rings, or for use in a side-by-side plate or saddle.

With a total weight of just 1.325 lbs. (21.2 oz.), the Orion Mini Deluxe Pro AutoGuider Package will add autoguiding accuracy to your astrophotos without adding the bulk of older and larger guide scopes. Get this affordable package today and add auto-guided accuracy to your astrophotos!

Best for imaging: Solar, lunar, planetary & Messier objects
Imaging sensor: 0.3MP Color CMOS sensor
Imaging sensor size: 1/3″
Pixel array: 1280 x 960 (1,228,800 total)
Pixel size: 3.75 x 3.75
Imaging chip: Monochrome
Video frame rate: Up to 200 fps
Autoguider capability: Yes
Exposure range: 0.00002s to 600s
A/D conversion: 8 bit
Thermoelectric cooling: No
IR filter: No
Mounting: 1.25″ nozzle
USB connection: High-speed 2.0
Software compatibility: Windows 7/8
Binning: 1×1, 2×2
Weight: (oz.) 21
Warranty: One year

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