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The G0 and G1 series of CCD cameras is based on Sony ICX CCD detectors. Cameras are powered from the USB so they are connected to the PC with only single cable. Standard “Autoguider” port allows the camera to directly control telescope mount. G0 cameras are similar to ordinary 1.25″ eyepiece. G1 camera head is somewhat bigger, because it contains cooling fan, which significantly reduces CCD dark current. G1 cameras are also equipped with standard CS-thread adapter, so they are compatible with various CCTV lenses, microscopes and other devices. G0 and G1 cameras are very compact, lightweight and easy to operate. The user only needs to insert it into telescope focuser, plug the USB cable to the computer and it works. Sensitivity is an important feature of any guider. It must provide images of guiding star(s) with sufficient S/N ratio in rather short time to ensure perfect guiding. The necessity to accumulate light for many tens of seconds or even minutes is often unacceptable for high quality guider. This is why the G1 cameras utilize sensitive Sony ICX CCDs. Sony EXview HAD CCDs have better than 50% quantum efficiency and low read noise. G0/G1 cameras support 16-bits digitization, significantly enhancing the dynamic range. Strong anti-blooming protection keeps even bright stars round, without blooming streaks. G0/G1 cameras also provide very fast readout—pixel digitization speed reaches 8 MPx/s in fast read mode. G0/G1 cameras ensure very low readout noise. Both G0 and G1 series of CCD cameras contain similar electronics, same CCD detectors and provide similar functionality. The difference is mainly in mechanical construction and in cooling. G0 cameras offer round body, which is more compact compared to G1 series, which could be important e.g. in combination with Off-Axis Guider etc. G1 cameras are slightly bigger and heavier, but they keep the CCD detector on lower temperature thanks to embedded fan, which more than two times lowers detector dark current. They also offer CS-thread adapter and also other alternatives of lens adapters (Canon EOS and Nikon bayonets, T-thread etc.). 0 and G1 cameras do not require any external power supply, they are powered entirely from the host computer through the USB cable. Because the power provided by USB line is rather limited, these cameras do not use energy-hungry Peltier cooler. G1 cameras contain small fan, which helps keeping the CCD temperature on the environment temperature to significantly reduce dark current. G0 and G1 cameras are USB-powered devices (only 1 cable is necessary to operate). Absence of the Peltier cooler does not allow CCD operation temperature below ambient temperature, but fan embedded in G1 cameras keeps the CCD temperature very close. Although modern astronomical telescope mounts support guiding through PC connection, G0 and G1 cameras incorporate standard 6-pin connector for the mount autoguider input. Thus the computer can guide the mount through the camera even in the case there is no link between the telescope mount and the PC. The G1 camera head is equipped with standard Autoguider connector. Chip: ICX274AQ Colors Color mask: RGBG (Bayer) Resolution: 1628 × 1236 Pixel size: 4.4 × 4.4 μm Chip area: 7.2 × 5.4 mm Download time: ~ 0.25 s

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