Now even the most novice amateur astronomer can locate and explore the planets, galaxies, and nebulae, as well as star clusters, asteroids, and comets, all at the push of a button. Because, “more than any other telescope, the Meade ETX has revolutionized amateur astronomy. Since it was introduced in 1996 it has become the standard by which others are judged, combining low price with optical excellence, a solid mounting, and…computerized ‘GO TO’ facilities”. Meade ETX Astro Telescopes 70AT brings the full range of celestial images to your eye with astonishing levels of clarity, resolution, and definition. All of the major planets except Pluto are easily observable through the ETX-80AT. Study Saturn and its ring system; the primary cloud belts of Jupiter as well as its four major satellites; the Moonlike phases of Mercury and Venus; prominent features on Mars; the starlike images of the distant planets Uranus and Neptune. The Moon stands out in stark, almost three-dimensional detail – craters, mountain ranges, and fault lines. In our galaxy the telescope displays hundreds of nebulae, star clusters, double and multiple stars. The Meade ETX-80AT also makes an excellent land-view instrument for the birdwatcher, the naturalist, or for the home with a view. Image quality and resolution typically far exceed levels normally expected of terrestrial telescopes. Terrestrial observers quickly appreciate the advantages afforded by the Autostar hand controller (see below). Using Autostar, many land objects can be readily followed, or tracked, from a distance, using one of nine selectable speeds. In conjunction with the telescope’s Autostar hand controller, precision worm gear systems on each axis permit smooth pushbutton motions of the telescope. Integrated to one of the fork arms, the telescope’s control panel serves as a central connection point for the hand controller (the HBX port), as well as for the RS-232 serial interface adapter (the AUX port), an adapter included with the optional #506 AstroFinder Software and Cable Connector Kit. Using the RS-232 interface, new or revised software may be downloaded through your PC to the telescope; the positions of Earth satellites may be updated for their observation through the telescope; and the positions of newly-discovered objects, such as comets, may be accessed by Autostar. Easy to carry to any observing location, whether a distant mountaintop or your own back yard, the Meade ETX-80AT telescope brings the excitement of astronomy to users of any age. Just place the telescope on any flat surface (or use the standard-equipment field tripod), do a quick, easy alignment of the telescope’s computer to the sky, and start observing. Six internal (user-supplied) AA-batteries power the ETX-80AT for about 20 hours. Specifications: ETX-80AT Astro Telescope – Includes achromatic refractor optical tube assembly (D = 80mm, F = 400mm, f/5) with multi-layer optical coatings; internal flip-mirror system for either straight-through or 90° observing position; steel-reinforced ABS fork mount with electric slow-motion controls, setting circles, and locks on both axes; electronic control panel; 9-speed (2x sidereal through 4.5°/sec.) dual-axis motor drive system with #494 Autostar computer controller; sidereal-rate tracking; internal battery compartment accepting six (user-supplied) AA-size batteries; MA9mm and MA25mm multi-coated eyepieces; #882 Field Tripod; operating instructions.

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