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The TwiLight II Mount is a perfect grab-and-go platform where stability and smoothness counts. Designed to mount one or two telescopes at a time. Works with Explore Scientific, BRESSER, or any telescope that uses the Vixen-style dovetail bracket. Stable and smooth, the TwiLight II Altaz Mount comes with a dual mount head, and a heavy-duty adjustable-height tripod designed for years of rugged use. You can use one or two telescopes simultaneously on the TwiLight II. It also works very well with crowds during astronomy outreach nights, allowing the host astronomer to keep one of the telescopes aimed while the people in line take a look through the other. Of course you can use just one telescope on the TwiLight II. Our largest and heaviest telescope, the DAR152 (six-inch doublet), works fine without counterbalancing the other side. The dual mount head accepts all Explore Scientific telescopes, and most other telescopes that use a Vixen-style dovetail mounting plate.

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