BORG 107FL F3.9ED (B107FLF3.9ED)





The BORG 107FL F3.9ED the 420mm long & 4.3kg. It’s heaviest among current BORG systems. But still much lighter than the competitor’s. 66mm aperture ED, as 2nd objective lens, is set into a tube inside along with other 3 elements. So BORG-proprietary total 6-element advanced petzval optical design. As far as I know, this should be 1st optical design utilizing both fluorite and ED in same optical train.

107mm aperture fluorite
6-element advanced petzval optical system, including one fluorite and one ED elements
Covers up to 55mm diagonal sensor
Japanese-made high quality carbon fiber tube
Feather Touch True 3″ focuser (FTF3215B-A) – motor upgrade ready
M57 camera rotator
4.3kg / 445mm long.
Padded carrying bag included as standard
Pentax 645D, Fujifilm GFX & PhaseOne mount adapters and large camera rotator will be available later
21″-long carrying bag allows to take a whole unit into the aircraft cabin as a carry-on baggage, without disassembling the configuration. (Most US airlines restrict up to 22″ long)
Fits 115mm ID mounting rings (optional)

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